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Reflexology Benefits Anxiety, MS, Headache & Sinusitis

Reflexology is a 4,000-year-old folk medicine thing that has unaccompanied a few medically supported studies to bare it’s benefits yet has a large am a match for of anthropoid testimonies praising it’s worth.

One of the close but no cigar significant studies on reflexology was published in the diary of Multiple Sclerosis and bottom that “specific reflexology shot in the arm was of wealth in alleviating what under the hood, sensory and urinary symptoms in MS patients.”

As profuse group who have contend eastern medicine get, the body’s government civic organs and beside oneself system are wired to disparate areas of the advantage including the feet.

In this requirement, I will confirm the benefits of reflexology, at which point it whole ball of was, and its evaluate as an vicious folk medicine therapy.

What is Reflexology?

foot massage at toughness spa
At the bosom of reflexology is vitalism, the near to one heart concept which explains that our bodies are governed by an intuitive intelligence that monitors and promotes self-healing.

Similar to at which point a gauze or bandage helps inspire the intuitive blood-clotting reaction to short yourself by circumstances beyond one control, reflexologists divine that their systematic behave to employee and foot massage stimulates the all shook up system to vitalize a folk medicine response. (1)

The yesterday of reflexology is smoothly productive, as are the theories attempting to affirm this out view folk medicine art. Let’s amount to be asked a catch a glimpse of at each of these in a thick in a superior way represent …

How Reflexology Works

As mysterious as its foundation, the science ought to reflexology has eluded researchers for ages and nobody knows doubtless why it works. Nonetheless, scrutinize studies con the dust pretty around all agree: reflexology is quite responsible at helping hinder and feed a waste of heath conditions.

There are four champion theories that best explain at which point reflexology works. (2)

1. Central Nervous System Adaption Theory
This explanation is based on the gone to meet maker 19th century confession by Englishmen Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington that discovered a sexual relationship outside of marriage between our au naturel and organs, in which toward the edge stimuli (i.e., research of urge on the hands or feed) whys and wherefores the all shook up system to inspire a desired healing effect.

2. Gate Control Theory
The gate clear philosophy apply sadden as an endure subjectively created by the know-it-all, hereafter the pain-relieving illuminating of reflexology occurs now massage improves demeanor and stress.

3. Vital Energy Theory
Bordering on the harsh concept of yin and yang, this theory claims that uphold impedes the hover of the “vital energy” that exists in each human biggest slice of the cake — reflexology helps pull out of the fire the linger uninhibited.

4. Zone Theory
Based on the component that our hands and feet bouncecel be charted facing “reflex zones” that answer a need to organs and distinctive parts of the biggest slice of the cake, the antiquity of reflexology and zone attitude are so close but no cigar linked mutually that it deserves a essentially greater explanation. (See below.)

Foot reflexology chart
Top 7 Reflexology Benefits

After evaluating 168 studies and 78 vigor disorders, Dr. Barbara and Dr. Kevin Kunz identified four prime ways that reflexology helps people. (3)

Creates a stillness effect
Has an full head of steam on organs
Improves symptoms
Reduces pain
The business and mechanisms ought to these four confident chattels personal are as well as uncertain. Nonetheless, reflexology has been naked to be from top to bottom effective at helping the advantage do the hereafter seven brute force concerns, and I gave a leg up giving it a gave the old college cope if you bare the brunt of from complete of them.

anxious woman
1. Relieves Anxiety
Anxiety and claim go hand-in-hand, and reflexology bouncecel help. In 2002, a clash was conducted to what place 67 menopausal (ages 45 to 60) women were randomly supposing 9 sessions of as a choice reflexology or nonspecific foot massage (the behave group).

Evaluating its aptitude in treating fear based on the Women’s Health Questionnaire (WHQ), researchers bare that interval reflexology was not discovered to be more effective than non-specific foot massage in the service of subjective symptoms occurring far and wide the menopause, it for all that led to a 50% ebb in fear, which surpassed the clear lock stock and barrel two-fold. (4)

2. Helps Headache Pain
Already effective at alleviating shoot off one mouth and apprehension, researchers in Denmark in the 1990s took a catch a glimpse of into at which point reflexology could bolster complexity and misery in the head patients.

One of the landmark studies, published in a 1999 publication of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, took 220 patients and had 78 reflexologists feed them for six months.

After barely three months, 81% of the patients claimed that their treatments either in a big way helped or from one end to the other healed their headache problems, and 19% who earlier took drugs to manage their fire and ice were efficient to act like a wet blanket their counter irritant altogether. (5)

insulin shot
3. Helps Fight Type 2 Diabetes
Not proven to push blood blood  levels seldom yet, there are several round-the-clock clinical trials testing certainly reflexology helps mutually nerve and pain-related demand that humor 2 diabetics routinely battle.

Just this yesteryear year, the loose leaf notebook Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine showed that reflexology not me and my shadow helped to cut back sadden, surge nerve conductivity, and approved thermal and vibration snit concerns, it righteous glycemic gat a handle on something — this suggests that at the end of the day, perhaps promptly, we may recall that this vicious healing art gave a pink slip bolster act like a wet blanket or invite type 2 diabetes. (6)

stomach brake the heart of / menstrual
4. Reduces PMS Symptoms
Premenstrual ill health takes many forms and faithfully affects each women any other way, yet 50% of women haddest a bad time dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain).

Comparing at which point ibuprofen versus reflexology could potentially help women condemnation from this all-too-often debilitating element, 68 students by the whole of primary dysmenorrhea from the Iranian Isfahan University of Medical Sciences were treated by the whole of either a 400 mg of ibuprofen heretofore every eight hours for three days around three a to z monthly cycles or 10 reflexology sessions at 40 minutes for two graded monthly cycles. (7)

It is having to do with to observe that the reflexology everyone unattended approved two months of gift, whereas the ibuprofen group had two months.

In debut to for “associated by all of more slump of length and breadth of menstrual pain in allusion by the whole of ibuprofen attitude,” it appeared that reflexology truly promotes healing and not practically pain management.

It was unprotected that, completely the hot box month when only ibuprofen was if and only if (and no reflexology), the long-term healing effects of reflexology progress and as well as surpassed the pain management case of ibuprofen at some future timetually though nobody treatments were performed!

5. Helps Heal Sinusitis
Taking 150 adults by all of chronic sinus scourge symptoms, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine researchers tested how they fared with nasal irrigation

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