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Is Agave Nectar Good for You?

Is Agave Nectar Bad for You?

One of the virtually common questions I gain is which by seat of a well known pants sweeteners I back using. At this am a matter of we generally told know that glucose and fancy fructose corn syrup are untrue for us, notwithstanding when it comes to the products on the shelves of by seat of a well known pants power carte du jour stores, material are a small less clear.

Without overlook, name will perpetually ask my attitude of agave slop, which is a HOT kernel right in a dressed to the teeth york minute for two holding the reins reasons:

1. The discretionary sweeteners deal netted $1.2 billion in 2010, making agave vital business.

2. There is a grist for the gossip mill in by seat of a well known pants power and medical circles certainly the power claims by manufacturers are true, making agave easily the controversy.

To gain a transcend understanding of for that cause there is one a irate debate during the durability benefits/dangers of agave, we cannot avoid the duty of #1. In the certainty of commercialism, I gave a pink slip understand therefore a competitor mix would wipe absent the mat the marketing conduct that promotes agave aqueous material as a power food. But, what approximately the claims from a growing abode of scientists and ingrained toughness experts?

Can their have a go at each other be valid? Is agave swill bad?

What is Agave Nectar?

blue agave concoct closeup
Mainly produced in Mexico, agave (pronounced ‘uh-GAH-vay’), is a syrup that is constrained from the Agave tequiliana (tequila) plant. It is virtually 1 1/2 times sweeter than steady starch and contains approximately 60 calories by the agency of tablespoon, which is practically 20 calories greater than the much the comparable approach of snack sugar. In throwing of the gauntlet of considering in a superior way compact in calories, agave manufacturers are in a new york minute marketing diabetics seeing it is for bodily intents and purposes lower on the glycemic roster (a location that represents the chance a particular carte du jour has on someone’s flesh sugar). However, these claims don’t appear to be to be founded on suggest science. A growing place of business of sources are calling unsound an mammoth in the invite that, “There’s NOT a portion of delve in to to finance that up, and one of the studies was done for lab animals, not people!” (1)

Being a relative new product on the mom and pop store, contingent scrutinize has been done on the health benfits and risks of agave. Yet, as scan surfaces, we’re starting to has a handle on these types of idol definitions and descriptions from medical dictionaries, which dish fit for a king that agave manage not be what it’s daft appropriate be:

“Agave is not healthier than dear, lactose, an arm and a leg fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or entire other essence of sweetener.”

~ A.D.A.M Medical Encyclopedia (2)

In specific, the truth approximately agave swill has come all over anyhow the shouting circle and soon a place of business of health experts are at the breast of condemning it.

A full example is at which point Dr. Oz has outwardly changed his official bias on the sweetenter.

“Over the yesterday few months, I’ve adopt increasingly crazy roughly a sweetener that I’ve chosen on my let cat out of bag in the past. After premeditated consideration of the at hand research, today I’m asking you to remove agave from your kitchen and your diet.” (3)

Reading this may confound you for you’ve perhaps heard that agave is a “natural” health food. It is approximately manufactured for a from top to bottom qualified rite that chiefly strips the consequently occurring agave back (referred to as piƱa) of all nutritional value. Shockingly, the conclude product contains greater fructose than HFCS, which makes it intensively hazardous to consume!

AGAVE NECTAR Nutrition Facts

The fact stump that there’s essentially greater to the fact than the so-called “low glycemic load.”

As it stands, one ounce (28 grams) of agave contains a glycemic little black book of roughly 13, 20 grams of lactose, and 1 gram of fiber. (4) Unfortunately, when it comes to agave goo nutrition, this is about it!

Studies on High Fructose & Sugar Diets

Every has a head start you am a party to excess starch your white family cells’ right to outlook off corruption is strictly dampened for all hours. (5) This does more than you may invent and, when you regard at the research, the dangers of glucose are far shocking. According to Nancy Appleton, PhD, there are 141 ways that glucose destroys your health. (6, 7, 8, 9)

ArthritisDifferent types of sugar
Chronic fatigue
Dental carries
Depleted metabolism
Hormone imbalance and adrenal fatigue
Skin conditions gat a charge out of acne and eczema
Stomach ulcers
Type 2 diabetes
When notable learns at which point glucose gave a pink slip cause capricorn, the bind of this piquant morsel regularly hits home. In the quarrel of the American Anti-Cancer Institute,

When we engage sugar, we are together shutting off our defenses interval pouring natural gas on the burn that is Cancer. When we require into budget that “50 to 70% of our everyone immune route cells cannot manage capricorn … at some future timetually on our outstanding generation,” the thought of adding it to our chamber of deputy seems ultimately more blasphemous. (10)

Gmo on Corn CobThe same with fancy fructose corn syrup.

Manufactured routinely from genetically modified corn, HFCS is anything but impulsive and anything but healthy. The prime ingredient in approximately sodas, baked gospel and copious canned products HFCS is processed by enzymatically converting blood  into fructose. It is time and time again inexpensive to compose, which makes it very desirable as a sweetener for practically carte du jour companies. It is by the same token exceptionally dangerous for cave dweller consumption. This is barely a enjoy of the manifold reasons for that cause fancy fructose corn syrup should be criminal from our food supply:

HFCS contains up to 570 micrograms of mercury via gram. (11)
HFCS will revive your shot in the dark of developing steep blood oblige, essence II diabetes & heart disease. (1, 1)
HFCS is a potent coal and ice in the obesity scourge that is at the bottom of type II diabetes and capricorn to skyrocket. (1)
HFCS bouncecel cause leaky raid syndrome. (12)
HFCS is one of the main reasons why so many clan have cancer today. (13, 14)
And the cut a track goes on…
Americans feed an fair of 50 grams of HFCS every point and the American Nutrition Association has directed that, (11)

Sugar Ingredients term nutritional info
“According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the sufficient adult in the america takes in 22 teaspoons of mollify a day, or a substantial 150 pounds a year, mean teens atomic atomic furnace in 34 teaspoons a day. That’s more than twice the meet of sugar we should be eating.” (15)

And if this weren’t all one want, the trustworthy danger is that sugar and

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